An advanced Salesforce-based solution for attorneys, notary publics & executors.
#1 customized legal software for organizing clients, cases, billing, reporting, and more.

As attorneys at law, we know you cover a tremendous amount of work on a daily basis. Within a day, you may have to take on 5 new clients, communicate with 10 current ones, go to 3 court hearings just so you can handle administrative matters in between. It’s safe to say that organization and task management are crucial moments closely intertwined within your legal practice.

All this can be an extremely difficult challenge if not addressed properly causing clutter and confusion. And everyone knows that order is key to a successful practice. We can help you keep track of your hectic schedule and organize your stacking responsibilities.

Forgot an important document as you’re walking into court? Endless client paperwork & legal research are among the biggest legal practice challenges that require more advanced organization skills. Themis provides instant, safe & secure access to crucial files with a simple upload. Segment your tasks with minimal effort leaving you more time to win cases or consult.

Didn’t win that case you thought you nailed and your case’s been sent back to the Court of Appeal? Themida/Themis automatically re-locates your case back to the designated court’s section placing it just where it’s supposed to be in the dispute.

Case Management

Client Input

Payment, Billing & Reporting


What is Themis?

Themis is a Salesforce-based app that supports an automatic process that when sending an email to the law firm, automatically saves the email into the system, creating a request for a new service, and saving the client. Task & event creation with suitable reminders and calendar display of the same only takes a few seconds. The app also allows you to send emails directly, attaching uploaded documents while properly saving emails in the system. Once this is done, you can move on to organizing your cases to the smallest of details. Everything you need at your fingertips.

We can help you streamline your legal efforts, and our IT specialists can help you set up and implement this essential app into your practice. With next-level software on your side, you can provide systematic, all-inclusive legal care for your clients, from the first interaction onwards.


Why do you need Themis?

Being sued for malpractice is not uncommon, in fact, it is happening more than you may think. Legal malpractice is defined as negligence that is so grievous that it immensely affects the client causing a significant amount of harm. Themis is your way to an ultimate organization that offers you all kinds of features such as case management, client intake, court diary, court hearings, notary service, main book, dashboards, reports, contracts, CRM’s, invoice forms, and more.

App Features:


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About Us

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Our Story

Developed in 2021 by the OhanaOne team, Themis has emerged as the leader in client & case management, expense tracking, billing & payment, as well as document safe-keeping & organization, for attorneys, executors & notary publics across the world.

Our app is now being used by many professionals in various legal industries. The app has been customized to meet each legal profession’s needs, leaving more than enough space for effective task conduction.

Themis counts a dedicated staff of highly-trained team members providing focused expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality app features for legal management solutions.


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